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At Ohtea, it's not just about the tea - we are dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

We believe the best product can only be made from the best ingredients. We ethically source from small, independent farmers who take pride in their craft. We work closely with them to guarantee the highest quality and preserve traditional tea-growing techniques. One sip is all you need to tell the difference.

Since our launch in 2020, we have served over 500k customers both online and offline across the US. We are now expanding to Canada and the UK. Our goal is to let more people enjoy delicious and healthy beverages anytime and anywhere, regardless of geographical or time constraints.

We think the best design does not need to be sophisticated - our ideal is to make great products that are simple to make and fun to indulge. Thus, we are proud to bring you - delicious, freshly made by YOU to enjoy anytime, anywhere!


  • How can I contact regarding product, collaboration, special order, etc?

Please reach out to our Instagram @ohtea_co or email:

  • What is the size for each pack? Is the packaging material safe?

    Each Ohtea box contains five packs, and each pack is 400ml. Our factory is FDA certified and we always make sure to keep high safety and sanitation standards. The packaging material we selected is PP material that can withstand up to 226°F, and it is more environmentally friendly than regular plastics and BPA free. We have also designed a dry and wet waste separation line on the back for you to easily recycle the package and throw away the wet tea bags.

    • Can I pour cold water to make Ohtea?

    Yes, you may use both cold and warm water to make Ohtea, but the use of warm water can help to extract the full flavor of the tea leaves inside faster. *Please DO NOT use hot water as you may get hurt in that case.

    • Is this product gluten free or lactose free?

    Our Ohtea milk tea is gluten-free but is not lactose-free. The product contains New Zealand milk powder which has lactose in there. Our tea lab already formulated other exciting new product varieties like the fruit-tea version and low-calorie version to meet more of your expectations! We are an innovative company with a lot more to expect, please support us and help us make those products happen.

    • Is it hard to pour water into the package?

    Don't worry! The neck size is big enough to pour water in, and our package has a unique stand up design.You just have to blow some air into the bag, and open the bottom part to make the bag stand, then you can easily pour cold or warm water into the bag and shake to drink.