100% Real Fruit & Ethically Sourced Tea

Ohtea Shake-to-drink Milktea

A ground-breaking 100% fresh, zero trans fat shake-to-drink milk tea.

What if there is a new way of making fresh and delicious milk tea, so that you can enjoy it whenever and wherever without compromising its taste?

Boom, we have created the perfect solution: OhTea.

We care,

So we use the best tea leaves

We believe that the best milk tea can only be made from high-grade, fresh-brewed tea. Thus, we only collect the competition-grade, first harvest tea from their true origins such as Fujian China, and Sri Lanka. Then, the local farmers use a low-heat baking process to help develop the aroma of the tea and make sure every brew brings the best flavor even to critique standards.

We spent the hours to build the

Perfect Milk Flavor

How can milk tea shine without great milk? We mix dried New Zealand milk powder and creamer to bring you the amazing creamy and silky flavor. It is completely free of trans-fat, and one sip is all you need to tell the difference.

Milk tea taste better with

Elegant Design

Did we mention our beautiful design?

You can enjoy Ohtea ice or hot, strong or light, whichever way you like! If you are tired of the fixed sweetness level and artificial taste, you would definitely love the way Ohtea is designed. If you want a stronger and sweeter taste, you can put hot water into the package, and shake vigorously to release the full taste. However, if you are someone who prefers lighter, and less sweet beverage, just use room temperature water and enjoy when it reaches the sweetness level you desire.

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