Fresh Fruit Tea - White Peach Oolong (3pcs)

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A combination of juicy & fresh White Peach and Premium Oolong Tea.

This flavor achieves a perfect combination of sweet & fruity white peach and refreshing Oolong tea. It is the best flavor we have ever created and tried - once you try it, there is no going back!

- Freeze-dried at -30°C to preserve the Freshest Fruit Flavors.

- Fresh Fruit in every sip.

- Ready in 5 seconds.

- Less Calories than an Apple.

* Each box contains 3 individual fruit tea packs

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Pinwen Gao

too sweat

Not What I Expected

I was hoping this was just a simple peach oolong, but alas no. The peach note is very good, but this is by far too sweet from artificial sweeteners for me. I did appreciate their milk tea, which is why I took a risk on this. I was really disappointed with this product. Also, the ingredients are missing from this webpage, so here it is taken from the back of the box:

Ingredients: Peach, Peach juice concentrate, Maltose syrup, Maltodextrin, Acetylated distarch adipate, Concentrated peach pulp, Oolong tea, Sucralose, Peach flavoring

A little sweet, but I will repurchase again and again.

My introduction to Ohtea began with their White Peach Oolong tea, a spur-of-the-moment purchase I made at a quaint little store in Honolulu. At first glance, the concept seemed a bit gimmicky, but the intriguing flavor combination was what ultimately convinced me to give it a try. I must say, I'm glad I did.

The highlight of this tea was undoubtedly the freeze-dried peach pieces that came to life when brewed. It was not only a visually captivating experience but also added a genuine and delightful peachy aroma to the tea. Initially, I found it quite sweet for my taste buds, but a simple remedy was to dilute it with more water, and that balanced out the sweetness perfectly.

What I appreciated about this tea was the versatility it offered. If you prefer your tea on the sweeter side, it's a fantastic option. Plus, it opens up the possibility of creating delightful southern-style iced teas using this as a base.

I did notice some reviews on the Ohtea website mentioning the sweetness, which might not be to everyone's liking. If you're looking for something less sweet, I'd recommend trying their Passionfruit flavor, which I've heard is spot on.

In conclusion, my initial foray into Ohtea with their White Peach Oolong tea was a pleasant surprise. Despite the initial sweetness, it's a tea that can easily be adjusted to suit your preference and offers a unique tea experience with its real freeze-dried peach pieces. If you enjoy sweet teas and innovative flavor combinations, this one is worth a try.

Augustine Chavez
Spouse loves the tea

Great tea

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