Fresh Fruit Tea - Passionfruit & Mandarin (3pcs)

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A combination of lemon, passion fruit, kumquat, and premium green tea.

It contains over 30% fruit pulp supplemented with rich Vitamin C. You can enjoy the visible kumquat with a sweet and sour taste, as a perfect summer-time match.

- Freeze-dried at -30°C to preserve the Freshest Fruit Flavors.

- Fresh Fruit in every sip.

- Ready in 5 seconds.

- Less Calories than an Apple.

* Each box contains 3 individual fruit tea packs

Customer Reviews

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Montanna Olivarez
We call this "lillikoi" on the island of Oahu

I had the pleasure of trying the Passionfruit & Mandarin tea, and it was an unexpected delight. What truly stood out for me were the real passion fruit seeds in the blend, reminiscent of what we call "lillikoi" on the island. Lillikoi happens to be my favorite fruit on this planet, and finding it in this tea was a delightful surprise.

This tea is not only enjoyable when served hot but also makes for a fantastic iced tea. If you've found the White Peach tea to be a tad too sweet for your liking, this one is the perfect alternative. It strikes a wonderful balance in sweetness and allows the unique flavors of passionfruit and mandarin to shine through.

The combination of passionfruit and mandarin creates a delightful flavor profile that is both refreshing and exotic. If you're a fan of these fruits, you're in for a treat. Overall, I highly recommend giving this tea a try, especially if you're seeking a slightly less sweet option with fantastic fruit flavors. It's a true gem in the world of tea!

Sue Ann Lau
Simply Delicious

Love this passion fruit mandarin tea especially chilled. It’s so refreshing during the hot summer months!

Amazing tea!

Such a fun way to get you tea and it's so delicious too!!!

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