Morning Dew Signature Box (5 packs)

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Wuyi black tea is the very first black tea grown in the world originated from the Wuyi Mountain region in China. Wuyi black tea has a signature smoky and fruity flavor and produces a natural honey scent when brewed. The high mineral content of the soil, the humid climate, as well as the narrow valley come together and enable the tea to grow without the risk of scorching or bitterness, but contain rich minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The thin, twisted leaves produce a sweet fragrance before steeping; once brewed, the tea offers up aromas of smoky caramel and earthy, rich wheat flavors with a hint of sweetness.

* Each box contains 5 individual 450 ml packs

Customer Reviews

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Morning Dew Flavor is the Best!!

Bought all three flavors, and this is my absolute favorite! But anyway, I love ohtea a lot. The flavor of the tea base really stands out, and it's just fresher and more organic than the boba shops. The calorie content is also not that high.

This is even better than some boba shops!

You guys really made something DELICIOUS! I have been drinking it every week and stopped going to my neighborhood shops anymore.

If you add Boba to it, its unstoppable.

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