Tea & Honey - the perfect pair

Why adding honey to tea?

The healing benefits of honey have long been known. For thousands of years, this sticky substance was reportedly used as both an antibacterial ointment and a digestive aid by some of the world’s earliest civilizations, including the Egyptians.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, honey is a balanced substance (neither “warming” nor “cooling”) that can treat indigestion, stomach ulcers, and constipation. Honey and warm milk were also used to soothe anxiety and insomnia. (why ohtea chooses to do milk tea!) 

Why add honey to tea?
Many studies, for example, have found that honey’s antibacterial property makes it an appropriate choice as a treatment for cuts, abrasions, and other wounds

Many others have found that the phenolic compounds in honey do indeed help to keep the digestive system healthy, and a healthy gut is key to a healthy immune system.

Honey is a healthy alternative to sugar!

Honey is also a great replacement for refined sugar and calorie-free sweeteners that offer little or no nutritional benefit, and also bring no unique flavor beyond sweetness.

Well, these days people are all busy with life and it's rare for us to be able to pause and sit down for the one of the healthiest and classic beverage - milk, tea and honey. Furthermore, many of us like the milk and sugar added to the drink and it's not always most convenient to make them!

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